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"We offer solutions

to our consumers"

"We offer solutions

to our consumers"


If you have received a message or a notice from our office, please contact us at: 1-866-759-4646


If you would like to make a payment,  please see the options below:

  • nat
  • atb
  • hsbc
  • desj

Call Us: 1-866-759-4646

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Phone: 1-866-759-4646 
Fax: 1-866-592-3411



Address: #400-1201 West Pender St

Vancouver, BC  V6E 2V2

Internet and telephone banking through your Financial Instituion


1) Add a payee: Skylink Receivables Inc.

2) Your account number is your Skylink Reference number which can be found

on the notice you received from our office (ie. DB#123456)

3) Click on the approproiate icon below to direct you to your Financial Institution.

Western Union


1) Complete a blue "Quick Collect" form

2) Cody City = Skylink

3) Code State= BC

Send a cheque or money order by mail


1) Please make payable to:

Skylink Receivables Inc.

400-1201 West Pender Street
Vancouver BC

V6E 2V2


2) Please write your SKYLINK reference number on your cheque or money order.





For more information, please email

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