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"We offer solutions

to our consumers"

"We offer solutions

to our consumers"

SKYLINK Receivables Inc. is licensed and bonded in all provinces and territories throughout Canada.  Skylink maintains three offices strategically located within the country, allowing a national organization to have local presence.  SKYLINK's head office is located in British Columbia with satellite offices in Ontario and Quebec.


At SKYLINK, we employ a unique approach when dealing with our consumers which differentiates us from our competitors: we specialize in crafting customized re-payment plans that cater to our consumers AND our clients best interests.

We believe that most financial challenges are a direct result of some sort of temporary setback, whether it be job loss, divorce, sickness, etc., and not as a result of an avoidance of responsibility.  It is because of this belief that we offer solutions to our consumers that are designed to help them resolve their financial obligations respectfully, affordably and easily – while giving them back confidence in their financial standing.

About Us

Call Us: 1-866-759-4646

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Phone: 1-866-759-4646 
Fax: 1-866-592-3411


Address: #400-1201 West Pender St

Vancouver, BC  V6E 2V2

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